Scheme 3 - Bespoke sessions on specific subjects

What is it?

Each module is between one and two hours long and covers the subject in detail. The sessions are delivered by experienced members in a venue of your choice (you are responsible for the cost and booking of the venue) at a date which works for you. 

Whilst our aim is to provide as much high quality training to members as cheaply and efficiently as possible there is £30 flat rate charge for each session. This covers the cost of the programme including the trainers expenses and any training resources like projectors, laptops, flip charts etc.

Who is it for?

The programme is made up of a list of modules from which a CLP, an individual member or any other group of members or supporters can choose what they are most interested in learning about.

For example you can book a session to be held at a CLP meeting or Young Labour Group meeting. Or you can tailor it to a smaller campaign group who are working on a project and need some help to get started. Use the courses in whatever way suits you and your group best.

How do I sign up?

To book your session just check out the list of available modules below, click on whatever you like the look of to see more detail about it. You need to book at least two weeks in advance to allow enough time for our trainers to prepare the session.

Please remember that our trainers are, like you, unpaid volunteers giving up their own time for the cause- so please be patient and flexible when organising the session.

Make sure you fill in all the details including the venue where you want to hold the session in the address section.

We really hope you enjoy all of the training you take up and find it helpful in building up your local campaigns. 

Book your session by clicking here


Available modules

Adhoc Stats       

Advanced Contact Creator   

Team Building    

Targeting and Effective Campaigning

Taking and creating impressive images and video

Running a Polling Day operation

Project Management and Campaign Planning

Planning your Print Campaign

New Media- Online Campaigning

Membership and Capacity Building

Local Media



Events and Visits

Election Expenses and Budget

Effective working across the Labour movement

Effective Canvassing 

Digital Campaigning- Your Website

Contact Creator the Essentials- Power of contact creator

Community Organising-power mapping your community

Capacity Building

Campaigning in Opposition

Campaigning as a Councillor or Council Candidate

Building a supporters network

Brand, message and pledges

BAME CLP Co-ordinator Training

An Introduction to the Labour Party

An Introduction to Campaign Creator

The Power of Nation Builder


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