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NHS and care workers face uncertain future


Jeremy Corbyn co-ordinates efforts to secure future for NHS and care workers in the North West.

The TUC has produced analysis indicating that 145,200 NHS and adult social care workers from Europe working in England face an uncertain future after Brexit. In the North West, this means 6,000 care workers and 5,098 NHS workers are unsure whether they will be able to continue working in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, is coordinating EU-wide efforts by socialist parties to protect the rights of UK citizens living in the EU and EU citizens living in the UK. 

Today, Jeremy has written to leaders of seven European socialist parties, allied to Labour and in government, to lobby, at every level of the EU, for the rights of British citizens abroad and to reaffirm Labour's commitment to the rights of EU residents in the UK.

With the British government likely to trigger Article 50 in the coming weeks millions of people across the EU are uncertain and fearful about what the future holds for them. This is especially worrying for the NHS and care system and this time of increased pressures.

In the letters, he appeals to the "common voice" of socialist parties across Europe to help guarantee the rights of "around 3 million EU Citizens, living, working and contributing greatly in our societies" and "an estimated 1.5 million British people living in different parts of the European mainland."

Jeremy Corbyn states this is the reason he is writing "as a friend and sister party colleague" asking "for you and your government to work formally with other socialist colleagues in the EU council and insist that the current rights of both EU and British citizens are guaranteed and insist this decision is the first to be made once Article 50 is triggered."

"As socialist parties, we all agree that we must work together to make sure the basic values we share are fully represented in a final agreement between Britain and the EU. Therefore I see no better way to start by making this issue a key priority for us in the coming months, we cannot allow our citizens, our neighbours and our friends be subject to further uncertainty or be used as a bargaining chip."

"We as socialists must stand up for the rights of everybody and I am confident this can be done through the Brexit process and beyond, if we stay true to our beliefs and work together."

Shadow Cabinet Member for Social Care and MP for Worsley and Eccles South, Barbara Keeley said:

“It is unacceptable that so many NHS and care staff are facing such an uncertain future. They are already struggling under the weight of big pressures due to Tory funding cuts and this additional uncertainty is the last thing our dedicated staff need.

“The government need to ensure that our NHS and care systems do not suffer in this difficult period of negotiations, and that the hardworking staff are given the security they deserve. Jeremy Corbyn is right to prioritise this issue. Labour will work on a solution with our friends in Europe.”

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