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Labour In for Britain Launch




EU membership is vital to the economy in the North West

Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham MP, at the launch of the North West Labour In For Britain campaign today, highlighted figures showing that 52 per cent of exports in North West go to the EU. The exports are worth £13.5 billion to the North West economy meaning our EU membership is vital for jobs and business.

 Accompanied by MEPs Theresa Griffin, Julie Ward and Afzal Khan along with Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith, Andy set out the case for our membership of the EU in a Q&A with employees at Siemens in Manchester.

Commenting, Andy Burnham said:

 “Britain’s trade with Europe is fundamental to the strength of the North West economy and the success and well-being of businesses and families in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and all the places in between.

 “52 per cent of exports from the North West go to the European Union, they are worth £13.5 billion to the North West economy.

 “Jobs here in the North West and businesses both large and small, are dependent on this trade. Leaving Europe would put those jobs at risk and jeopardise our economic security.

 “The ‘Labour In for Britain’ campaign is determined to make the case that our membership of the EU is good for jobs, good for business and good for Britain.”


 Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens and Chair of the North West Business Leadership Team, said:

 “By staying inside Europe we have a much better opportunity to secure jobs, inward investment and growth across the region. Critically we will be best placed to stay at the cutting edge of R&D as well as embrace the fourth industrial revolution.

 “We receive vital support and take part in strategic R&D collaborations with the EU – it was less than three years ago the University of Manchester received £23m of funding from the European Regional Development Fund to boost the Graphene Institute – just one of many examples where we work with European partners to lead rather than follow technology trends.”


 Alan Johnson MP, Chair of Labour In for Britain said earlier this week:

 “This is about our standing in the world, the jobs for our children and our future prosperity.The fundamentals are clear. British workers are better off and better protected by being in the EU.

“Our country is safer and better able to confront terrorism, climate change and security challenges when we work with our partners.

“Leaving would put all of that at risk and diminish Britain’s global influence.”



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