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Labour In Campaign Bus comes North

The Labour In For Britain Campaign Bus has spent four days travelling across the North West to spread the Labour message for remaining in the EU. The bus has visited Crewe, Runcorn, Chester, St Helens, Liverpool, West Derby, Hyde, Manchester, Oldham. Salford, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Preston and Blackpool. 


Angela Eagle said: "It was great visiting Manchester Metropolitan University today and hearing about how important the EU is to our world-leading universities.

"Being in the EU means UK universities benefit from access to research funding and from recruiting staff and students. Being in the EU means students can study and work across Europe, helping them broaden their horizons.


"Manchester has the largest student population in the country. But too many young people are not registered to vote. With the deadline to register coming up on 7th June, I hope all young people will make sure they can have a say on this vital decision which will help shape their future and the future of our country."


Lucy Powell said: “It has been great to spend the morning on the Labour In For Britain Campaign bus visiting Hyde, Oldham and Manchester. Greater Manchester has benefited hugely from being in the EU, from small business investment to funding for the Metrolink expansion and investment in the Graphene institute.

“Britain’s EU membership supports jobs, investment and growth and makes us better off. Young people need to ensure they are registered to vote before the 7th June to take part in the most important vote of their lives.”  



Ed Miliband said: "The principles and traditions, the traditions of the Labour movement which are very much embodied in Wigan, are around solidarity and looking after each other and that’s true within our country and also working with other countries to tackle the problems we face. 

"Think about small businesses in Wigan or businesses like Heinz in Wigan, all of those issues around exports, you’ve now got the Leave campaign saying we’d be out of the single market, now, I think that is a big economic risk."


The campaign bus will be returning to the North West in the coming weeks so look out for it in a town near you!


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