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Joe Anderson selected to stand as Mayor of Liverpool


The Liverpool Labour Party has today selected Joe Anderson to represent the Labour Party in the 2016 Liverpool City Council Mayoral elections. As  the current Mayor of Liverpool he has delivered on each and every Mayoral Pledge to the City of Liverpool and will continue to deliver for the people of Liverpool. 

Joe Anderson said:  “It’s an honour to have been selected again to represent the Labour Party and stand to be re-elected Mayor of Liverpool.  With my cabinet colleagues and Labour Councillors, we have achieved incredible things over the last four years, despite cruel and vicious treatment by a Government coalition of Lib Dems and Conservatives and since 2015 the Conservatives in Government.  I am standing on this track record of delivery, with a promise of more.”

Here is what Joe had to say to Councillors about why they should choose him:

I'm standing for re-election as Mayor of Liverpool because only Labour can protect the people we care about the most. Join me and continue to work hard for our city.

Since I became Leader in 2010, the coalition Government which included the Lib Dems, and now the Tories have launched a sustained attack on the City's finances.  We will have lost 58% of our budget by 2017.  As a sign of how unfair Liverpool's cuts are, if we had received only the average cut we would be £80m better off.

I have spent this mayoral term, since 2012, making sure that, as a council, decisions are made in a way that does our best to protect the most vulnerable, while growing the City that we all love.

Some services are popular and very important to people across the City.  As evidence of our values, Libraries, Children's Centres, Leisure Centres and Youth Centres have all been kept open.  But the cuts to these areas pale in comparison to the cuts for social care we are having to make.


When I stood in 2012 I made 5 simple pledges and each one has been achieved, if not exceeded. These pledges are making real differences to people.  New Schools and new housing is an investment in our people.  New jobs give people security, while making a sustainable city - both environmentally and financially - is an investment in our city's future. 

I promised to build 12 new schools.  We have built 14, with 5 more on-site and under construction.

I promised to build 5,000 homes.  We have built 5,500 new homes and refurbished 1,700 empty properties.

I promised to create 20,000 new jobs.  Around 25,000 jobs have been created and the city's economy grew faster than Manchester's in 2013/14.

I promised a cleaner, greener city.  67 acres of new and improved green and open space with over 2,000 new trees mean that Liverpool has more green space than since it became a city in 1881.

I promised a business friendly city.  IFB improved sales for 3,000 companies, and we've helped over 1,300 existing companies and another 300 start-ups

We have been leading in tough times, but have still delivered. We should be proud of Labour's record in Liverpool and I want to thank every councillor and Labour Party member who has been a part of the last 5 years.  Against incredible budget pressures our council, with socialist values, has earned a national reputation as the best for housebuilding, best for culture, best for homelessness and other accolades.  Our achievements have also been praised by our national leader, Jeremy Corbyn.  

My promise to you is that I will continue with my focus on real Labour values, to protect the people who are the most vulnerable, while standing up for and growing our city.  I ask for your support to proudly stand again as Labour’s candidate in the Mayoral elections.   


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