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30,000 jobs in the North West created by EU


New Figures reveal EU funding responsible for 30,000 jobs in North West  

New figures obtained by Yvette Cooper have revealed that close to 30,000 jobs and 10,000 businesses have been created in the North West as a direct result of European Regional Development Fund projects.

Cooper, who is in Manchester today, will use the figures to highlight the benefit to job creation and growth for the North West of Britain remaining a part of the EU.

Cooper, is visiting businesses and workers who have benefitted directly from EU funding and from having unfettered access to the biggest single market in the world and the ability to trade freely with other EU countries.

She will argue that whilst George Osborne and David Cameron have failed to invest in jobs and businesses in the North, EU funding has played a crucial role in supporting enterprise and growth in the North West.

She will say you ‘can’t trust the Tories’ when it comes to investing in the North and the North West is better off voting to remain in the EU rather than risk a Boris-Gove Tory Government.


Yvette Cooper MP said: 

"These figures show that whilst the Tories have betrayed the North, the European Union has been funding 30,000 jobs and business growth in the North - supporting families across the region.

"By voting to leave the EU on June 23rd, we would be harming jobs and businesses and handing control to a group of even more extreme Tories like Iain Duncan Smith, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove that have never cared about investing in the North, don't believe in our NHS, and want to cut workers rights.

"The North of England depends on manufacturing - yet industry could be hardest hit if the costs of trade go up. And the North-South divide could get even worse."

"Instead of leaving, Britain should be leading in Europe to support thousands of jobs and manufacturing businesses that rely on us being a member of the world's largest single trading market. Only by working together in Europe, do we secure and strengthen our workers rights, tackle climate change and tax avoiders."

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