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25% of people waiting over a week to see a GP


Patients in West Lancashire struggling to see a GP under the Tories

Nearly 25% of patients say they waited a week or more to see a GP in West Lancashire.

These figures come as Chorley A&E has had to close temporarily as it does not have the staff to cover the rota. These failures are a symptom of a Tory government that has left the NHS in meltdown and GP services in crisis. 

Under David Cameron’s government, general practice has been left underfunded, understaffed and unable to cope with rising demand.

Across the country, millions of patients are having to wait more than a week to see or speak to their GP or can’t get an appointment at all. 

Ministers are in denial, but the reality is this crisis in general practice is a consequence of their failed policies.

Leader of West Lancashire Council, Ian Moran said: 

“It is a disgrace that nearly 25% of people in West Lancashire are waiting over a week to see a GP. Many of those patients who can’t get a timely appointment with their GP are having to turn to A&E, which is putting added pressure onto hospitals that are already at breaking point, as we have seen in Chorley. 

The Tory Government must do more to address the crisis in our NHS ”

Heidi Alexander MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“More than five years of David Cameron’s government has left the NHS in meltdown and GP services in crisis.

“Millions of patients across the country are struggling to see their family doctor and cuts to funding mean this situation is likely to get worse, not better.

“David Cameron talks about a seven-day NHS, but the reality is he is failing to deliver a five-day NHS and patient care is suffering as a result.

“The Tories need to start taking some responsibility for this situation. Rather than standing by and doing nothing, we need to see proper plan for improving the NHS and ensuring patients get the care they need, when they need it.”

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